Introducing Tracknow: The First Steps

Welcome to TrackNow! In this guide, we will walk you through the initial steps of setting up your account. To ensure a smooth start, there are a few important parts of the system that we recommend configuring first.

These settings can be accessed through the ‘Settings‘ dashboard, which consists of several tabs: General / Documents / Branding / Security / Traffic Sources / User Management / SMTP / Email / Custom Fields / Payment Methods


The first tab is the General tab, where you can personalize your personal settings and the company settings.

Personal Settings

  • First and Last Name – Your first and last name
  • Phone Number – Your phone number
  • Theme – Customize the platform theme (Light / Dark / Unicorn)
  • Language – Choose your preferred language (English / Hebrew)
  • Time Zone and Time Format – Set the time zone and format that best align with your needs

Company Settings

Currency – Select your preferred currency
Default Manager – Set a default manager
Minimum Withdrawal Amount – Establish a minimum withdrawal amount for your affiliates

Multi Level Marketing

Multi-level Marketing, also known as MLM or network marketing, is a marketing strategy that allows affiliates to build a network of other affiliates.
This network structure enables affiliates to earn not only from their own sales but also from the sales generated by their sub-affiliates.
By enabling MLM in your account, you open up opportunities to expand your affiliate network and increase your earnings potential.

Within our Tracknow Multi-level Marketing system, you can establish parent/child relationships between affiliates.
The MLM setup on our platform supports two levels, meaning that you can have a parent affiliate (level 1) and their sub-affiliates (level 2).

Single Campaign Mode

When activating the Single Campaign Mode, affiliates will only see the designated campaign, eliminating exposure to other campaigns. This focused approach helps them concentrate on the required campaign


On this page, you can write “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” for your affiliate program. These documents serve as a foundation for a well-structured, transparent, and legally compliant affiliate program.


Here you can customize your brand presence by uploading your brand logo and setting up a custom domain.

Brand Logo – By adding your logo, you create a consistent visual representation of your brand throughout the platform. It helps affiliates and users recognize your program and builds trust and recognition. To add your logo click on the ‘Upload‘ button.

SSL Custom Domain – To establish a professional and secure online presence, you can set up an SSL Custom Domain for your affiliate platform. This allows you to use a unique domain name that reflects your brand and enhances your credibility.

Customizing the Domain

  1. Log in to your hosting account and find the DNS management page.
    • Look for sections like ‘DNS Management’ or ‘Name Server Management’ to find CNAME records.
  2. If you can’t find the CNAME management options, you might need to enable advanced settings.
    • If you’re unable to locate these options, please reach out to your domain host directly for assistance.
  3. Create a CNAME record that points to
    • This record ensures that your domain is linked correctly to the TrackNow platform.
    • Wait for the DNS update to take effect. It might take some time.
  4. Once the DNS update is completed, you will see a “CNAME” record checkmark ✔ next to the name field.
    • This confirms that the CNAME record has been successfully set up.

By following these steps, you will be able to configure the necessary CNAME records to connect your domain with the TrackNow platform.


Here, you have the ability to manage the security of your account by changing your email and password.

Change Email – If you need to update the email associated with your account, simply provide your new email address, and the system will update it accordingly.

It’s important to keep your email information up to date to ensure smooth communication and receive important notifications regarding your affiliate program.

Change Password – Protecting your account with a strong password is vital for maintaining security. On this page, you can change your password by entering your current password and then providing a new, secure password.

Remember to choose a strong password and keep your email information up to date to ensure a secure experience. We recommend using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to create a robust password.

Traffic Sources

This page allows you to manage and add your traffic sources, which are the platforms or channels through which you generate traffic for your affiliate program.

Adding traffic sources is a key step in tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

A further explanation of how to add Traffic Sources can be found here.

User Management

This page allows you to efficiently manage the users of your platform, specifically, the managers/ merchants who have access to various functionalities. Each manager can be assigned specific permissions based on their role within your affiliate program.

An explanation of how to add managers/merchants can be found here.


This page allows you to integrate your own SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server to send emails from your affiliate program. By adding your SMTP server, you can personalize and enhance email communication with your affiliates.


Utilize the “Email” page on your affiliate platform to easily customize and tailor email templates to suit your campaign’s specific needs and branding guidelines.

An explanation of how to integrate a personalized SMTP and Email can be found here.

Custom Fields

This page allows you to add custom fields to the affiliates’ login page, providing you with the ability to collect additional information and tailor the registration process to your specific requirements.

To add or edit a Custom Field navigate to your dashboard and click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Custom Fields‘.

To create a new custom field, click the ‘Add Custom Field‘ button on the right.

To create a custom field, simply provide a name for the field and select the desired field type. You can choose three Custom field options: text area, checkbox, and input. Additionally, you can specify whether the custom field should be mandatory or optional for users to complete by clicking on the ‘Required‘ button.

Payment Methods

On the Payment Methods page, you can conveniently add and edit the payment methods available for your affiliates. A payment method refers to the specific way in which you transfer funds to your affiliates as commissions or payouts for their performance.

Once you have taken those initial steps, you are prepared to embark on creating your very first campaign! However, before diving into that process, it is essential to add an Advertiser to your platform.

An explanation of how to add an advertiser can be found here.

Creating a Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard and click on ‘Campaigns.’

In this tab, you can see all of your active and past campaigns, as well as get quick information about them.

2. To create a new campaign, click the ‘Add campaign‘ button on the right.

3. You will be asked to provide details about your campaign in three main areas: GeneralTracking, and Payouts.

Click here for the extended guide on how to create a campaign.

If you have any issues with your first steps, please contact the ‘Tracknow’ Support Team by clicking ‘here‘, we will do our best to answer all of your inquiries.

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