Tracking URL Macros

What is a Macro?

Macro is an element that can be added to a tracking URL/ link and it is used as a key that indicates an action or a command.

It is recommendable to use macros for effective optimization of your campaigns, you’ll be able to collect data and learn about the traffic that was most useful or relevant to you.

How Macros work?

When a user clicks on a advertisement, the macros will immediately adapt to display the following information on that characteristic.

For the data to be correctly retrieved, the URL placeholder must be distinct from the macro.



For Example:

If you added the macros campaign_id and referer to your URL, it would resemble as the example below:{campaign_id}&utm_content={referer}

Hence you will get the affiliate name and channel from where the click for your campaign was obtained on our platform.

TrackNow’s Parameters and Macros

TrackNow provides tracking macros that will assist you in optimizing and obtaining as much data as possible on your campaigns. The following is a list of the values that are currently available by the platform:

click_id{click_id}Affiliate Click ID. Unique ID for every click sent from the Affiliate.
sub1{sub1}Affiliate Sub ID 1 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub2{sub2}Affiliate Sub ID 2 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub3{sub3}Affiliate Sub ID 3 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub4{sub4}Affiliate Sub ID 4 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub5{sub5}Affiliate Sub ID 5 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub6{sub6}Affiliate Sub ID 5 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub7{sub7}Affiliate Sub ID 5 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub8{sub8}Affiliate Sub ID 5 to specify traffic sub-sources.
Campaign Id{campaign_id}Advertiser campaign Id
Referer{referer}Click Referer
User Agent{user_agent}Click user agent
Advertiser Id{aid}
Partner Id{ref_id}

Integrating Macros in your Tracknow campaign

In order to add Macros to a campaign navigate to the ‘Campaigns‘ section > ‘Add a CampaignorEdit‘ (for an existing campaign):

After selecting the campaign you wish to add Macros to, select the ‘Tracking‘ tab and fill in the ‘Tracking URL‘ field with the URL of the website you want affiliates to advertise.

Additional information about ‘Campaigns‘ can be found here.

If you have any issues with adding Macros, please contact the ‘Tracknow’ Support Team by clicking ‘here‘, we will do our best to answer all of your inquiries.

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